muscle man j/o Mike Rogers

Just let you know what ran through my mind (very quickly, then I moved on to what I'd do to Mike Rogers with other parts of my body) when I first took a look at the muscle man j/o video below, it was a version of what Nigel says to Miranda (and you either know what I'm referring to or you don't): “Well, you know me. Give me a full-on farmer's tan and a hint of gyno and I'm on board.”

Now to the PR fairies:

We believe that a quiet muscleman inadvertently provides a current of electricity unmatched by just about anybody else! You remember that boy next door, Mike Rogers? Mike is back, he's bigger than ever before, and he really wants to flex all his beautiful muscles for you, including that beautiful BIG muscle he hides in his jeans. But like many young bodybuilders, Mike's just a little shy about his magnificent physique. He needs a mirror to give him just that little jolt of confidence. No worries, though, for Mike's got all it takes to make sure all your muscle dreams come true!

Enough with quotes! Here's the free XXX gallery at MuscleHunks! And check out the XXX video here: